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The World’s Cheapest Lightbulb is made from Plastic Bottles


A simple bottle filled with water and bleach can replace a light bulb known as Bottle Bulb. In the Philippines, it is already used to light up various homes and poor settlements. It is really easy to make this eco-friendly light source. These light bulbs have been created by using one liter plastic bottles, few teaspoons of bleach and some water. It absorbs and reflects sunlight and is equal to 55 watt.

To fit this light source, first a hole is made into the roof of the house. Then, this recycled system is installed by fixing the bottle through the sealed hole in the metallic roof of those poor dwellings. This can be done within an hour and is usable for a period of around five years. When sunlight falls onto the water in the bottle, it gets diffracted and lets the whole house glow. The role of bleach is to keep the water clear and microbe-free.

Solar bottle bulbs are not only illuminating light-deprived houses but are also providing residents an alternative option that is quite cheaper than any other electricity source. This project is an addition to the design of alternative technologies, especially for the developing world. That is how even a simple technology can change lives and generates powerful ideas for the common man!