Inuman Session, More fun in the Philippines


Inuman Session is a tradition by Filipinos wherein there is a gathering of friends, families or co-workers in order to celebrate something, to have a feast or simply to relax and enjoy each others’ company. This is usually done on weekends, Fridays or Saturdays, in order to relieve the stress that has piled up during the week because of various reasons.


1. Beers of any sort: This type of alcohol is one of the cheapest in the Philippines. This can be bought in any convenience stores, like MiniStop, Seven Eleven and in Gas Stations. The two of the most bought beers are San Miguel Lights and Red Horses. Other beers are Colt45, San Miguel Strong Ice, San Miguel Super Dry, San Miguel Pale Pilsen, Tsing Tao Beer, Budweiser.

2. Hard Drinks: Sometimes, beer is not enough for the people gathered in the session. Sometimes, people also bring hard drinks like Tequila, Vodka, Gin, Whisky, Rhum/Rum and Brandy. Some commonly bought brands are Cuervo Tequila, Artic Vodka, GSM Blue, Ginebra Gin, and Jägermeister.

3. Soft Drinks: These, Coke, Sprite, 7up, juices, are also part of the Inuman Sessions. These are used as chasers or mixed with hard drinks in order to lessen the strength of the taste of a hard drink. Sometimes soft drinks are used to remove the tipsiness of the person after drinking.

4. Pulutan Food: What is drinking without food? This is a necessity in an Inuman Session. Drinking would not be as enjoyable without Pulutan food. Pulutan food can be anything, rice meals, chips, finger foods or whatever. Rice meals can be anything, but it is recommended to eat grilled food to match with alcohol during Inuman Sessions. Chips can be anything too! Example of chips are Tempura, Chippy, Taquitos, Clover, V-Cut, Lay’s, Cheetos, Peewee, Snaku, Tortillos, Doritos, Mr. Chippy, Cornets, Cheese Curls, Cheese Balls, Cheese Rings, Oishi, Pizza Squares, and lots more. Example of finger foods are lechon/letson, balut or fertilized duck/chicken egg and chicharrón/tsitsaron.


These are things that are not necessary but other people bring them.

1. Yosi/Cigarettes: This only applies with groups who have members that smoke. Smoking is done in the Inuman Session while drinking and chatting with other members of the group. Smoking adds to the relaxing effect when drinking in an Inuman Session. It calms down the feelings and helps relieve the stress of a person. Examples of cigarettes(that are usually brought) are Marlboro(Reds, Lights), Hope, Philip Morris, Dunhill, Mild Seven and Lucky Strike.

2. Guitars: Music is usually played in an Inuman Session in order to add to the relaxing effect to the ambiance. Music players like Ipods, CD players or mp3s can be also played when in an Inuman Session, but these would never replace the guitar. Some people also sing along with whatever music that is played to add to the fun.

3. Cards: Some people play cards to play Pusoy or Pusoy Dos. Playing cards can be done with money or not. The point here is not really to win some money but to just enjoy and have fun. Cards are also used to play drinking games in an Inuman Session.


1. House of a friend: Since the whole point of Inuman Sessions is to relax and just enjoy, one should not worry about going home because a place is closing for the night. At a friend’s house, a person does not have to worry about this because he can stay there as long as he wants, and if ever the Inuman Session ends two in the morning already, the members of the Inuman Session can stay at their friend’s house for the night.


This is done in different ways, depending on the group celebrating the session. The members in the group are the one who decides on how they would celebrate this tradition. They talk about the venue to go to, the people to invite, the food to bring, and sometimes even the things to do. Some people save a day per week wherein they would gather and have their Inuman Session. Other people plan their Inuman Session during or after work hours when they want to relax first before going home, and others simply plan their Inuman Session out of nowhere(ex. a person texts his friends on a Friday night to meet at a place). There are also people who celebrate events, like their birthdays, through Inuman Sessions.

In an Inuman Session itself, there are no rules whatsoever, which means every person is free to do anything he or she wants. People talk there about anything under the sun. Topics can range from problems from love life, problems in workplace, new cars, past experiences, memories from school, and many, many more. People with few words can just drink the night away, play cards, smoke or relax his mind to the music. In an Inuman Session, a person does not necessarily have to do something to enjoy. Again, the point of the Inuman Session is to relieve the stress and just relax and enjoy.

source: wikipilipinas


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